first job interview thursday! #helpmeimnervous


if you werent ugly in middle school i dont trust you

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honestly, some of the sexiest things about a guy is the way his voice sounds when he’s tired, the smirk of satisfactory he gets on his face when he knows he’s done something good, and the protective instincts he has when it comes to his girl

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the biggest fear that i have right now is putting myself out there and taking a risk. i have waited and worked hard for this opportunity my entire life, and now that its here i am more scared than ever before. its scary. thinking about getting a real job, doing things on my own. i’m in this weird transition phase of my life and i dont like it. i want more than anything to have a real job as a hygienist, its just starting this whole job application process that scares the shit out of me. i want to make money, i want to support myself, i want my own car, i want to be able to look for places where john and i can move into together. why am i so scared? i need to stop hesitating and go for it. i have worked too hard to sit around and contemplate rejection, i just need to go for it and get myself out there. 

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